Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

I want to wish all my readers a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  I wish you all the best of your endeavours in 2011!  May God bless you and keep you in the new year as well.

I want to apologize I haven't been around the last couple weeks. You know what it's like trying to get  ready for Christmas and the holidays, I have been really busy. The whole family also came down with some type of flu thing that wasn't fun at all. That lasted almost 2 weeks going through the family and then coming back to bless some of us! YUCK!! My daughter is diabetic and we had out visit to the ER this past week as well. Her blood sugars went down and her dad and step mom (whom she was visiting) couldn't deal so we sent them to hospital and I met them there. There's another story in that but not going into that here. Makes me mad and want to have someone from the government be in her/our shoes to see what happens.

How was your Christmas everyone?  I was lucky and for an e-reader (the Kobo) from hubby! I love it!! It is so nice to be able to carry around with me when I'm at various apts. I've already found some freebie sites that I can download the books from.  I also got a couple books to add to my sewing/craft library. I picked up  Amy Butler book Style Stitches I can't wait to dig into the patterns in this book!! :-)

I also got a scrapbook challenge book that you may be seeing in the upcoming posts. I want to see what you all can do with the challenges in here. They look very interesting.

I plan on having at least one tutorial a month posted.  I have it on my resolutions to be more organized so that I can just post it and go.  Got my fingers crossed that I can do this.  What are your resolutions this year? Organizing and continuing to look at getting healthy are ours here.  I can't say diet because living with a diabetic, you have certain things you have to look at and since we all eat the same thing, it's pretty healthy. The things that aren't healthy are my snacks. I know what I should be eating, I'm just not doing that. So from here I won't be buying any junk type foods. I've done this before and unfortunately it all got away from me with the holiday season.

From my family to yours. May you all be healthy in the new year.