Wednesday, October 06, 2010

It's October and you know what that means.....

Halloween!!! I love the Fall season and even more, I love Halloween because it means dressing up the kids, getting to scare the begeebers outta the older kids that still come around the house for trick or treating and because it's ramping up for Christmas and getting all that stuff up and organized.

Last year we made up some tombstones out of some styrofoam we had left over from a diy hubby did down in the basement where some air was getting in. I will be making more because we have more dirt exposed due to more flower garden in the front of the house.  I am also hoping to add some of the blogs I've run across that make tutorials up for Halloween.  The first one is  Mrs Adventure she has some great tutes that I'm going to be borrowing and making with the kids so we can have our decorations outside for a while.  I'm also going to be making Joey's costume this year. He wants to be Batman so I'm hoping to use some of the tutorials I have found to make the muscles on his chest and I will be showing how I make the rest of his costume.  I already have most of it, so shouldn't cost me too much which will be nice to my wallet LOL

I also have a giveaway that I didn't get to last week with my being under the weather, so it should be up as soon as I get the pictures done so I can show you what you'll be winning.  :)  Have a great day and I'll be back tomorrow.


Mrs. Adventure

Thank you so much for the sweet comment and blog love... I look forward to seeing your tombstones ;-)

the cape on the corner

i came across a comment you left on mrs. adventures tombstones, and i was hoping to see yours! you see, we have a ton of foamboard leftover from working on our basement, and i really think they would work for gravestones. my boyfriend doesn't think they will, b/c he thinks the foam will absorb the paint. and since it's flammable, you can't spraypaint. what did you do? what did you use? i would love to know, if you get a moment!