Friday, November 12, 2010

adding seat belt covers....

I will be adding seat belt covers to my Etsy over the weekend. I had a custom order!!!  She has ordered 6!
One of them is of our Edmonton Eskimos colors which shouldn't be too hard. She also wants one with my choice. I'm not too sure about this one, but I will figure it out. I may just make a couple extras and then take them all for her to decide! lol  If anyone wants a tutorial, I will be taking pictures as I go as well. I will be hopefully be able to upload it all onto Craftster I hope it will allow me to add pics this time.

I spent the last couple of days with Joey and it has been interesting.  He has such a vivid imagination that he surprised me a couple times!  He also helped me with colors for the Eskimo seat belt cover which was kinda funny. I had picked a couple different ribbons and wasn't sure which one to pick. He told me the yellowy one, I ended up buying the two I had narrowed it down to and turned out he was right!! LOL

I have designed a purse for Meghan's 17th birthday this weekend. I'm not sure I'm going to get it done, but I hope to otherwise she'll have the mock up I did.  It is going to be a smaller messenger bag with extra pockets for her diabetic items, her tester, needles, etc.  That way she won't have an excuse not to have it in there!  I am also working on a clutch type for me. Ron's Christmas party for work is the weekend of our anniversary (Nov 27) and the purses I have are all huge! I don't want to have to take all my things with me, just a lip gloss a comb, gum and my Epi-pen. Most commercial type clutches don't have enough length for my Epi-pen so I will make one and have an elastic on the side for it to be anchored in there. I will add pics as soon as I get it done. I don't know what color yet because I haven't decided on my dress yet! lol