Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I finally made it! I have been so busy lately that I have been unable to update this blog.

Last week was a real eventful one. I had all 4 kids down at least once! It started with Ken and cutting his finger while making his model, then it was Meghan and falling down the back stairs that required major bandaging of skinned knees and making sure her blood sugars weren't too screwed up, then it was Andy's turn...he just had to cut his finger open while at work and that required 2 stitches at the dr's office! And not to be left out, Joey had to fall while at school and when he came off the bus, he was limping. He had fallen while running and twisted his foot. He got a trip to the dr as well who said he had somehow bruised a vein or something similar and he now has a nasty bruise on the instep of his foot! oh the joys of being a mom huh?

And I ended up getting some sewing done!! Yahoo!! I got 4 coffee sleeves, 2 notbook covers, a camera bag, and some other miscellaneous done!! I still have a big list to do, but I'm slowly making it dwindle. I have the teachers ones to do as well, but I should get that done today.

I have Meg and Joey all signed up for their respective schools. Joey is actually signed up at 2 schools. He had to get done at the Glenrose in Sept and at Mary Hanley for later in January. It will be interesting once all this stuff is done. Actually I can't wait till all the paperwork it out of the way. Have I said how much I hate paperwork????

Ken is out at Mom and Dad's for the next couple weeks. He needed to get out of the city and away from his stressors for a while. We'll see how long he lasts at Grannies lol

Anyone got any ideas for Father's day that I can do with Joey? I would appreciate it as we've been looking and it's hard to think of things lately that he can do.