Tuesday, July 07, 2009

It's finally raining!!! It has rained a little over the last couple weeks, but not like this. It's been raining overnight and now into the morning and it's soaked the ground. My garden really needed this!!

I have finished a couple things in my sewing. I got a bag done, my curtains are almost done, finally (now I just have to get hubby to put up the rod! lol) I did 15 notebook covers for teachers and such, I will take pics but there aren't many left. I think I have 5 left. lol I am in the midst of a hoard of material that has things slated for it. I bought some really interesting bag material and it will be going up on my site soon. I just have to talk the kids into cooperating with me so I can sew some more.

I have been trying to decide if it's worth buying a snap press. I am starting to make some different things that I've only customed before and if I'm going to start selling them, then I really need to get one. I've made some mamma cloths and diapers for friends and they've been wanting more, so I'm sourcing the pricing etc before deciding. If anyone has a good place to buy one, then post it please!!

hmmm, what else.....
Oh yeah, we are going to be looking into taking the whole crew down to the States next summer. Wish us luck lol I don't know whether I'll be able to handle all the grumpies for 10+ days but will look into it. Maybe we'll go one place and send the older ones somewhere



Even though it's freeeeeezing over here, we are also doing a celebratory rain dance!