Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's hard to believe it's been almost a month since I last blogged. I've been BUSY!! Ron and I finally were able to get away by ourselves! We went from May 4-11 to Los Angeles!! We had taken the two younger kids there last year and we felt that we missed a bunch of stuff because the kids were there. However, even without the kids, we didn't get to see all we wanted to another trip is in order!! hehe

I went to the LA Fashion District. All I can say is WOWOWOWOW If you ever get a chance to go there, you have to go!! I have to go back and spend a couple days there, but first, I have to save up for it! I could easily have spent over $5-6000 there. I ended up spending just over my budget of $100 but I made some business contacts for zippers, cottons, etc so I figure I did good. Ron wasn't so sure LOL It was all his fault anyways. Just when I thought I'd found what I wanted, he'd holler from another corner and say over here!! We only went to 2 streets and didn't get nearly a quarter done. It's HUGE!! We don't have anything like that here in Edmonton, but I could sure love to have it. I hope that I will be able to find one of these close to here. I can't keep visiting LA for it, but oh would I love to!! It's so much warmer there.

First it was the dog being sick ($268 later he's on 2 different meds and has to go back next week) then the car today had a flat tire which ended up having to get 2 tires so that they are even. another $245. I wish I had a money tree. would make things so much easier wouldn't it.

I have the sewing bug now that I've played with all those lovely fabrics and such. I haven't been able to sew since I got back though. I have some ideas for new purses and bags. I had an epiphany about the camera bags for inserting into your carry on while trying to get through security and customs with Ron's and my two cameras and all the paraphenalia that comes along with them. I'm hoping to have another lens before too long so that would add to it as well. Once I get things figured out, it will be in my shop, that is once I get that up and running as well. lol

Well, gotta get down to sewing and such. Will try and update sooner next time.