Sunday, April 19, 2009

well, I'm here again and trying to figure out my to do list for the week. It keeps getting longer. Have you ever noticed that??? I finally go to my sewing list and got 5 things done, then my sewing machine decided I didn't need a fingernail on my left middle finger!! That HURT!!!! I think Hero learned some new swear words! lol Luckily Joey wasn't home or he would have been scared as he doesn't like blood at all. When he got home from school he was quite upset that mommy was hurt and had to kiss my owie better. awwwww

So my to do list this week. I NEED to get my camera bag done. And since someone asked me so nicely, I am going to take pics as I go so I can try and do a tutorial later. No promises though. Totally depends on how it all looks and works out. I'm using a diaper bag that I've made before but adding some extra padding and foam and hopefully it will work out good. Pics to follow of course. I did get my laptop bag done, well except for the velcro because that's what I was working on when my sewing machine hit me. I got some covers done for the camera straps. I didn't like what they looked like done, so they are going to be pressies for someone else. :) I did get the make up bags and female things cozies done. I gave them to friends and family and everybody loved them. I used tutes from others with a little adjusting. I need to make mine now as I dont use the same things as my friends so that's on my list as well. I have a tea wallet on the list as well. I found a tute that holds 6 tea bags and pockets on the back that is for sugar or substitutes. This will be nice when I am on the plane.

ONLY 2 more weeks until Ron and I go on our holiday!! wahoooo. I can't wait. The first time we've been gone by ourselves. Yes we've gone on weekends and such, but this is different. More like a honeymoon we never had. I'll have pics when we get back. Hubby's reading over my shoulder and said I have to add he won't let me add the naughty pics ;)

talk soon