Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Have you ever felt like your life is a roller coaster??? This week I have felt like I'm on the roller coaster from hell. First it was my ex dropping off the MEP things only to be found and made to pay. that was a good up... then it's the oldest ds that is having issues at school and we are trying to get that straightened out. that was a down one. Then there is the kids going all back to school YAH that was an up one... then of course there has to be a down, that is this nasty cold I have. It likes me and wants to stay for a while. lol

Over all, I think I've had more goods than bads. Joey is starting to talk more and make himself more understood, at least to those of us around him more. His behaviourist has decided that this shows that he is more and more autistic. Now remember that this is the hospital that all autistic's have to have their dx's from here to have the funding they need. Go figure right??? ARGH!!!!!! One of these days there will be a centre where all kids that are thought to have autism will be able to go and get the tests they need done. On another note, I was sent another article that shows what I've been saying all along about Meg that I think she has autism as well. It's driving me nuts but now I'll have to wait until she can be tested again to get her the help she needs. At least I have one that has the dx and will be able to get research done about it. I am going to go looking for a group that will be able to watch her or something you know like a focus group.

*sigh* I am so tired of all this. I need a break and I have found out that I won't be getting one. Since my mom decided that her crap is more important than living up to her promise. I know I told her that it would more than likely be ok, but how the hell could she even put me on the position. Can I go stick my head in the ground until this is all done????