Monday, September 05, 2011

Well, my couple of days turned into a couple weeks. Sorry about that.  We are now home and took many pictures, over 1500! Been working on getting them fixed up and able to show to my brother and his new wife.  I've also been working on things for my Etsy site. Got some new nursing covers, pacifier straps and coffee cozies done up and just getting pictures done tomorrow.  I have 2 custom orders to do up as well so that will take up some time as well.  I am going to try my hand at photo props. A blogger friend asked if I can do up some maternity wraps so I'm going to try. Told her I couldn't promise, but I will try and see what happens.  I will post what comes from it either way if you want to see.  I am going to try two different ones. A short one that just covers the upper and cinches in the back and a longer one that has a mesh type material on the bottom and ties in the back. 

I will also be posting a couple of jewelry pictures I've done up.  One set is the Ball and Chain keychains I made for my brother and his new wife. His was a darker 'ball' made with beads surrounding the bigger bead and her's was more girly with pearls.  On hers I also put a charm pendant so I can add all the kids birthstones onto it so she can carry them all around with her.