Monday, January 31, 2011

I feel like a bad mommy to my blog...

I've been so busy lately that I haven't been able to update here. I'm so sorry to the followers I have!  I will try to post more often.

I went to an auction yesterday and I ended up with such a fabric haul!! I came away with almost 40 bolts of material for way less than I would have paid even wholesale!!!  A fabric store went out of business here in Edmonton and I'm sorry(Sorta) to say their loss was definitely my gain, along with the many others who were able to gobble up the savings!!  Once I get a picture of the shelf I had to put up, I will post it so you can see it!  The best part was all the broadcloth I got. Some were full bolts! There is one bolt of material I'm not to sure what it is, so I will have to look into it and figure it out.  Some I'll be using, but will be selling a fair amount on my Etsy site so keep an eye out.

I have some patterns that I am trying out for a blogger that once I get the ok to post, I will show you what else I've been working on.  The purse that I'm working on right now is fabulous. My daughter has already asked if I can make her one! lol  I'm also working on her grad dress. It's going to be gorgeous!!  I'm hoping that it all turns out ok. We needed to be able to have it two piece so she won't have issues with her insulin pump.  The pattern I have is one piece so I had to so some revamping to get it to work. Not a big deal, but time consuming figuring it out.

Thanks for checking in and I will hopefully have that picture up soon.




That is awesome! Don't you love great deals?! I can't wait to see your projects! Thanks for joining Canadian Charisma!