Friday, January 08, 2010

It's warming up around here and I might be able to get out and get some pictures of all the snow we've received lately. Because of my fibro and arthritis, I can't do alot outside without pain so I look forward to the warmer days so I can go play LOL

Lucky will be coming tomorrow and we are all excited about it! It's been a while since we had to say good bye to Hero and we all miss having someone around to snuggle. It will be interesting seeing him get used to us and the new surroundings.

I am working on a new bag for Meghan's friend. I'm using a pattern, but have added a few of my own ideas so I will try and put them up on here when I get it done. I should be able to take pictures of it all. She wants an organizer in it, so I am going to put in one of those roll up ones for cell, wallet etc. If I have enough material, I might through in a wallet, tampon holder and makeup bag. It's nice to have everything right at your fingertips when you are looking for something in your purse. It isn't a little purse I'm making either. She likes the big messenger bags so I am making her one similar to that.

Well,, I should get moving if I am going to get all that I want to get done.

Have a great day and happy sewing/crafting!



We are so excited that you are joining us for the Sew-in on the 15th.

Can't wait to see what you work on!